Courtney gracefully breaks down the complexity of tech and graphic design to help you tackle the obstacles that stand in the way of your online goals. She freely shares her tech tips, design trends and growth practices with other designers and creative entrepreneurs.

Her expertise comes from her genuine passion and skillset, her desire to help organizations and brands, her years of hard work and her graphic design and technical experience. Courtney's ability to successfully implement high converting promotional designs, websites and landing pages that improve and streamline operational processes from the front end to the back end has made her a sought after Master Promotional Graphic Designer!

My mission is to not only help you make your brand pop, but grasp the concepts of visual communication and automations that create time freedom. Let Courtney equip you with the skillsets needed for to you to burst through the glass ceiling and shine online!


I enjoy sharing my story and design strategies that encourage and help teams, students, aspiring graphic designers and business minds overcome the obstacles they face and master skillsets.

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Learn All Things Promotional Graphic Design! Let Courtney equip you with the skillsets needed for to you to bust through the glass ceiling and shine online!

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with Award Winning Master Promotional Graphic Designer Courtney Woods (Tech Queen) of PC Media Techs

No design or tech experience, no problem! Start by grasping the concepts and learning promotional design basics with our self paced programs.

Private community, exclusive tools, platforms and support for creative entrepreneurs and business minds. You don't have to journey alone!

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Master Promotional Graphic Designer, Courtney Woods “Tech Queen 88” is the owner of PC Media Techs (ProFRESHional Creations)

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Gone are the days of trying to design your business online without an expert to hold your hand and point you in the right direction. Time out for sending visitors to sites and pages that are not designed for best results. Stop wasting your valuable time and hard earned money in places that don't prepare you for long run success in the digital world. It's time to take your brand to the next dimension! No more going in back in forth, in circles or out of your way for tools, platforms or people that just don't work for your unique brand in this new season.

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I just want you to know that it is very possible to visualize, create and design your own unique world and run things the way you want to run them, according to the will of God for your life. We were all created to create and designed to design.


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